CHOOSE, the Swiss Group for Object-Oriented Systems and Environments, is a special interest group of the SI (Swiss Informatics Society). CHOOSE is a non-profit organization that focuses:

  • on organizing various kinds of events in Switzerland throughout the year on behalf of its members, and
  • on sponsoring students that research the area of object-orientation.

To become a member, please fill in the form provided by Swiss Informatics Society.

Stay Informed

If you want to be informed about upcoming events you have different options:


  • Stefan Marr will give a talk entitled Building High-Performance Language Implementations With Low Effort. The event will be held on December 1st, in room 107 of the IAM at the University of Bern, starting with 17:15
    Posted on 26 November 2014
  • You are invited to attend the CHOOSE Forum 2014 in Bern on November 28. The speakers are: Michael Feathers, Adam Tornhill, Jonas Bandi and Erik Doernenburg.You are also invited to participate at the satellite course we organize on November 27 with Michael Feathers on Working with Legacy Code.
    Posted on 17 October 2014
  • You are invited to attend the CHOOSE Forum 2013 in Bern on November 29. The speakers are: Gamma, Zeller, Dustdar, Di Penta, and Dragos.
    Posted on 21 October 2013
  • The CHOOSE Forum 2013 will happen in Bern on the 29th of November. Until now we have secured the participation of Eric Gamma and Andreas Zeller. Mark the date and stay tuned for more news coming soon!
    Posted on 30 September 2013
  • You are invited to register for the CHOOSE Forum 2012 on "Models vs Services", Dec 14 2012 in Bern, Switzerland.
    Posted on 14 October 2012